Hengshui Juheng Xintuo Heating & ventilating Technology Co., Ltd.

Hengshui Juheng Xintuo Heating & ventilating Technology Co., Ltd. is a production and design company to industrial heating equipment, such as hot air curtains, PTC heaters, electric heating fans, heating equipment, and wireless intelligent control systems for heating and cooling. We mainly produce over a hundred types of products, including Juheng brand air curtains,  axial/centrifugal side blowing curtain, rotary door arc-shaped air curtain, PTC electric heaters, industrial heating fans, combination air conditioning electric heaters, air duct heaters, polar ultra-low temperature electric heating industrial heating air curtain, specialized air conditioners for high-rise spaces, mining wellhead heaters and drying equipment, wireless control cabinets for high-rise spaces, and large-scale air heating control products. And undertake the design and construction of similar projects.

At the beginning of its establishment, Juheng established the corporate philosophy of high starting, high efficiency, high quality, and strict requirements, as well as the concept of honest operation. With strong development and design technology and excellent quality, it designs and customizes corresponding products for customers. The company attaches great importance to the introduction of international front-end technology, research and application of environmental protection technology, and has unique advantages in the industry. It always produces according to ISO9000 standards, ensuring that Juheng products have excellent quality assurance.

All employees of Juheng look forward to your visit guidance and establishing friendly cooperation with you!

Due to our many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the electronics and electrical engineering market, we offer assistance in the following areas: Design and production of heating devices and heating systems using PTC heating elements. Technical design and production support in the implementation of heating and ventilation systems. Design and production of heating and ventilation control elements. Temperature, humidity and ventilation regulators. Specific solutions where individual projects are expected due to technical, ergonomic and price requirements

Only datas are sent, the PTC heater will be made according to the datas.

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