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Ptc heating device

Issuing time:2022-03-28 10:42Author:https://www.heatingptc.com/

One kind of PTC heating device can be widely used for various electrical appliances (such as electronic insect repellent, electronic cans, etc.) of heat.The PTC heating device comprises a ceramic box, placed in a porcelain box electrode structure, the electrode structure by the upper and lower surfaces has a PTC heating element and a second electrode composed of the electrode plates, the PTC heating device further comprises a heat sink plate which is placed above the electrode plate through the insulating structural member, there are a number of fixed jaws on the flange of the heat radiating plate, the heat radiating plate and securely fixed together ceramic cartridge, and to ensure that there is sufficient between the fixed jaw and terminal insulation distance.. The electrode plate with a narrow segment, will fuse overcurrent.

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