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designed sirocco fan achieves high air velocity,low noise and low power consumption . The intensely

Issuing time:2022-04-10 19:05Author:ptc heaiting

Superior Performance

The newlydesigned sirocco fan achieves high air velocity,low noise and low power consumption . The intensely sharp airflow made possible by the sirocco fan maximizes the effect of the curtain.

High Air Velocity

The high pressure produced by the sirocco fan delivers a powerful jet of air from the air outlet .Optimum performance is attained when the air inlet on the top surface is kept at least 50mm from the ceiling.

Low Noise

The quiet sirocco fan and newly developed,low-noise resin casing have reduced the noise level by an average of 10dB compared with conventional models.

Four effects Air Curtain

Heating/cooling retention effect  

The air curtain makes door opening and closing unnecessary when used in high customer traffic areas like restaurants,stores and amusement centers.It retains hated or cooled air within the store space at an efficiency rate of 60~80%,allowing only a minimum of temperature fluctuation.

Insect-proof effect

Most of annoying ,harmful ,germ-laden insect are checked;being unable to penetrate the powerful air curtain.Thus,making health and sanitation standards easier to maintain in grocery stores, butcher shops,fruit counters,and fast-food operations.

Dust-proof effect

If installed in doorway of a precision machinery factory,or a food or closing store facing a bus street;outside dirt and dust are effectively screened out,protecting the merchandise at an efficiency level of60~80%.

Deodorizing effect

Prevent odors from such special rooms as chemical labs,or vegetable preparation rooms and meat freezers in super-markets.Prevent automobile exhaust fumes from outside.


Outside wind,air flow from air conditioners,ventilator use,etc,may significantly lower the shielding effectiveness.

The effectiveness against insects depends largely on the kind of insect,surrounding environment,air velocity of the air curtain,etc.If more effective insect prevention is required,use the air curtain in combination with other methods.

Shut-out ability

An air curtain’s shut-out ability is determined by the air velocity at the center of its airflow.The powerful discharge of Juheng Air Curtains enables them to maintain a high level of air velocity for the curtain’s efficient distance,resulting in superior shut-out ability.

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