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Inbuilt-Hoisting air curtain

Inbuilt-Hoisting air curtain


Inbuilt-Hoisting air curtain

1.Advantage: The whole will be in the roof so that the roof is beauty and is suitable for the room to decorate.

2.The air curtain body’s material is galvanized steel or stainless steel etc. And it is cut by laser then punching and painting.

3.It is controled by computer then it is freedly to change from natural or hot.

4.Non - Electrified -Surface   PTC heater offer heat. So the air curtain is with high safety and quick hot and auto constant temperature.   And there are better hot air curtain.

5.This Inbuilt-Hoisting air curtain can work in -25.C so it can be used in cold area.

6.The PTC heating is with heating protection system so that the air curtain get a long life.

7.It will be delay to off and abstract heat so that protect inside parts to be used long time.

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